I work hard to ensure that my business has the smallest possible environmental impact – it matters to me that we care for our planet, and that our children are part of that. That is at the core of activity tins themselves – not one-hit wonders, but a carefully designed product that appeals across the generations. 
I could have my products printed more cheaply and imported from abroad, but I work with a fantastic local printer. They use FSC certified card and paper from sustainably managed forests. This reduces my carbon footprint and means I can pop and get my printing alongside my weekly shop. 
So, when you buy a product from Happy Home Learning, you aren’t just supporting one small business, you are supporting two (Happy Home Learning and our local printers)!
My product is also low impact – once your child has out grown it, after many years of use, it can be passed on to someone else to enjoy. If ever it does need to be disposed of, the cards can be recycled and the tin is re-usable (or also recyclable, but who doesn’t love a dinky tin!)  
I’m passionate about championing small UK businesses. So do keep your eyes peeled, over the coming months, for the growing blog showcasing incredible small, UK, environmentally responsible brands which help make learning active and fun.

The Advent Tin

I was surprised to learn that around 16 and a half million advent calendars are produced each year; “more than enough laid end-to-end to stretch from London to the North Pole” (Source- Business Waste). The ‘Advent Tin’ is my response to this problem. Simply dig it out each year with the Christmas decorations and enjoy seeing how your child’s answers change.